Marilyn Mitchell, DVM
Animal Adjustment
“Healing Adjustments & Laser Therapy”
Two amazing technologies that stimulate the body to heal.
Need VOM & Why VOM
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Your pet will benefit from VOM if:

  1. Change in attitude/behavior

  2. Compete in athletic or sporting events

  3. Bucking, rearing, or refusals when under saddle or to train

  4. Problems getting up and down

  5. Trips/stumbles frequently

  6. Refusal to lift feet

  7. Notable lameness

  8. Favors one lead or side

  9. Uneven hoof or nail wearing

  10. Flinching when touched along spine

  11. Doesn’t run/play or has stopped rolling

  12. Recent falls/injuries

  13. Prior falls/injuries

  14. Older than 6 years

  15. Recently had dental work or anesthetized for surgery

  16. Seizures or neurological problems

  17. Experience any urinary infections, diarrhea or constipation or colic

  18. Experience any recurring conditions such as vomiting or respiratory problems

  19. Infertility issues

Why VOM?

The goal of VOM is to treat the Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) or subluxations. This is a functional defect of a joint which causes neurologic signs, or pain, that might not show up on an X-ray. The effects of VSC can include mobility problems, muscle spasm, neurologic defects and inflammation.

Disease related to the spinal cord has traditionally been treated with a combination of surgery and medication. Through the use of VOM, we now have another treatment modality to treat the spinal cord, thus helping all the organs in the body. VOM is a noninvasive and non-painful way to dramatically minimize the effects of spinal cord dysfunction. In most cases the improvement is so significant that we can diminish the use of medications, sometimes even stopping them altogether.