Marilyn Mitchell, DVM
Animal Adjustment
“Healing Adjustments & Laser Therapy”
Two amazing technologies that stimulate the body to heal.
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Treatment Timetable for VOM

In most pets we treat at day 1, day 7, and then every 1-4 weeks depending on response and the problem. For the typical dog it takes a total of 5-6 adjustments to make a cure, for the cat it takes 4-5 and for the horse it takes 5-6 . Some pets respond well initially, and seem to be symptom free after only several treatments. These pets are not cured yet, and should be treated until there are no more reads. Our goal is to affect a cure, and then treat only once every 3-6 months to maintain the cure however some chronic conditions or pets at high risk of reoccurrence may need more frequent adjustments.   The Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome can take up to one year to cure in some cases.

Every pet is an individual, so your exact treatment timetable might be modified as treatment progresses. It is important to have your pet take it easy after the adjustment for 2-3 days i.e. no controlled running, jumping, excessive activity etc. This can cause an adjustment to fall out of place.  Treating with Low Level Light Therapy (Cold Laser) after adjustment helps hold the adjustment in place and helps address any muscle involvement.

Laser Treatment Plan ( total 13 treatments on average)

Acute injury 
Twice daily for 3 days
Once daily for 3 days
Twice weekly for 2 weeks

Twice daily for first day
Twice weekly for 2 weeks
Once weekly for 2 weeks
Twice monthly for 2 months
Then monthly, every other or third month as needed

Twice daily for first day
Once weekly for 4 weeks
Twice monthly for 2 months
Every other or every third month as needed

“Try and see”
Twice daily for the first day
Once again in 7 days
Once again in 7 more days and re-evaluate